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Planning & Environment Overview

Date Posted :2006-04-01


The Planning and Environment function of the ARP seeks to create an urban environment that:

Details follow below 


Development framework

The purpose of this framework is to guide the redevelopment of the Alexandra Renewal Project with focus on the following areas:

There are three components to the development framework, namely a transportation component, an environmental component and a planning and design component.

Land management

The focus of this project is the development and implementation of a land management system for Alexandra. There are six sub-projects:


Geographic information system

Operation of a single geographic information system (GIS) for the Alexandra Renewal Project to serve as a strategic tool for the purposes of planning, development and management.

Precinct plans

Preparing detailed plans (i.e. to erf level) for the redevelopment of each precinct.

Environment (land care, environmental health, environmental management)