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Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP) is a seven-year programme to redevelop Greater Alexandra. The Project will address all aspects of urban living including engineering and social services, environment and planning, housing, economic development, arts, culture and heritage.

With 14 500 houses built, hostels remodelled, electricity, water and sewage upgraded, parks created, bridges built and roads tarred, the Alex Renewal Project has made a huge difference in the lives of the people of Alexandra.

A range of housing projects will be undertaken including upgrading existing formal housing stock, the development of new housing both for ownership and rental and upgrading informal settlements in the area. In addition housing will be provided to relocate households living in informal dwellings that are located on land that is hazardous (Jukskei River), public land (schools, parks etc) or engineering services (roads, sewerage pipes etc).

This programme is a key component of the Government's approach to addressing urbanisation and housing challenges in South Africa and comprises the integrated development of an area addressing economic, social and physical challenges simultaneously. 

A vital aspect of the project is increased awareness regarding the heritage and redevelopment of the famous township. Arts, cultural and recreational activities are supported through community-driven institutions and there is a strong focus on promoting positive social networks such as religious, family and social organisations 

The ARP began in 2001 to "conduct a sustained campaign against urban poverty and underdevelopment", by helping to reduce unemployment, creating a healthy living environment, upgrading infrastructure, upgrading housing and creating new housing, and reducing crime.

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